Dr. Geoff Clayton Nominated for Award

Our very own CEO Dr. Geoff Clayton made the headlines once again, as he is nominated as People Magazine Man of the Year awardee. This is the first time the Dr. Clayton has been nominated for this award, and he is obviously pleased with himself.

“I am so flattered that some people think of me as deserving of such an honor,” Dr. Clayton says during an interview with the press during the announcement of his nomination. “I know a lot of people who deserve this nomination, but of course, I’m honored that People Magazine thinks I am worthy of their consideration.”

Every year, People Magazine selects note-worthy leaders in different fields and from that selection, make a list of nominees who stand the chance to win the distinction at the end of the year. Past winners of the award is a who’s who in the business world, but this does not mean only people involved in businesses could be nominated. They are looking for people who has made a major impact with his/her projects, commitment and dedication to make a mark in this society.

“I have been working my butt off day in and day out. I couldn’t have done it without my excellent team of course. But to be recognized by outsider as doing something worthwhile for the community, that is just icing on the cake for me,” continues Dr. Clayton.

“Even though I may not win it, in the end what matters is that I did my best to come up with products and solutions that benefit all of humanity. Really, that is all that matters to me. And to see my colleagues and the company happy with the developments we have achieved, to me that is the true epitome of an award-winner,” ends Dr. Clayton.

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