Geospatialtoday Holds Conference on GPS/GIS State

Geospatialtoday holds am initiative Conference on the state of GPS/GIS today. The said event will be held at the Albert Hall Auditorium, with around 350 participants in attendance. Most of the audience will come from the different fields of Sciences with an interest in latest developments in the area of GPS and GIS applications.

Dr. Geoff Clayton, CEO of Geospatialtoday will spearhead the conference. In the morning session, several experts will give talks on different specialty subjects in relation to GPS/GIS technology. Most of the experts invited to the talk are considered leaders in their specific industry field.

In the afternoon, there will be an open forum, where the audience will be able to interact with the speakers in a town hall type of meeting. The questions will be answered by the panel of experts assembled there during the afternoon session.

After the open forum, things will take on a much lighter atmosphere as socials will commence. Drinks and dinner will be served to all participants. This will give the participants an opportunity to mingle with their colleagues and superiors in a less formal setting. This will help boost camaraderie among the people present, and the possibility of creating new alliances is a distinct occurrence.

“We are not only nurturing the scientific acumen of our people, but rather want them to feel like a complete person, thus the social aspect of the event,” relates Dr. Clayton in an interview with Time Magazine earlier this month. “This is our wish, that every individual we are working with become a well-rounded member of our society today.”

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