Welcome New Colleagues

With the increase in the number of projects at Geospatialtoday, we have the need for new talent to handle the challenge. In recent months, we have worked on new projects and we could no longer manage the tasks with our existing team. Now, we welcome our newest team members to fill in those shoes and add to the warm bodies at the lab, to help us work towards our goals.

Dr. Ivan Campuedo

Dr. Ivan Campuedo is a fellow at the Cambridge University Natural Sciences Department. He is a very active member of the faculty and is also an active community leader.

He joins our team at Geospatialtoday as Head of Research and Development. He will lead a team of experts in discovering new ways to maximize the use of GPS/GIS and Remote Sensors in more innovative ways never before imagined.

Dr. Ivan is an ice-fishing fanatic, having lived in Antarctica for a couple of years during his days as an intern. He also enjoys a good burrito and a cold beer on the weekends.

Dr. Nyala Whitmore

Dr. Nyala Whitmore is a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology. After graduation, she stayed on at Columbia and worked as a Research Analyst and also taught at the University.

She is the new Head of Operations at the Geospatialtoday laboratories, where she will figure to revamp and re-energize the team with her expertise and her cheerful personality.

Dr. Whitmore is a Sagittarius, who loves to swim at night, because “swimming under the dark night sky is definitely much better than swimming under the scorching heat of the sun.”

Dr. Martin Vandevoort

Dr. Martin Vandevoort is a veteran on the field of Engineering. He is a long-time graduate of the University of Warsaw in Poland. He was previously connected with MapQuest, another pioneer in the field of Geographical Information Systems application.

He will head the Field Engineering Team, which is tasked to go out to remote locations and do geographical surveys and testing. He will be the team leader, and have 4 other members on his team. Their first project will be a survey of the Himalayas north face cliff.

Dr. Vandevoort is a pizza afficionado, and he prefers making his own dough, just because he wants the perfect dough every time. He is also a professional triathlete, having competed in the World Triathlon Competition four years in a row and counting.

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